Our company offers milling operations and services for other types of Metalworking at low prices. We work with a large number of customers who contact us again and have accumulated a lot of experience. For our activities, we use only modern equipment, including machines equipped with numerical control.

Today, milling is very widespread, as well as other methods, such as drilling or turning. The process consists in processing the workpiece using a special tool-a milling cutter.

Metal milling is a universal method that can be applied to various materials.

With the help of milling, you can make a cut in metals, carry out grinding, apply patterns, etchings.

What is a milling cutter?

The mill is a gear wheel with many blades. It is clamped on a machine, which, of course, is called a milling machine. After transferring the rotational force to the mill, it begins to remove layers from the surface of the workpiece in a certain place. Everything is very simple and very effective.

Milling operations in Nizhny Novgorod are widely represented, but when choosing a performer, you must make sure of their professionalism, find out what equipment the company has, whether there are any intermediaries – all the nuances are very important.

There are several types of cutters, and each of them is used for certain operations.

Types of milling cutters

Disk cutter

It is used for selecting and cutting parts, and it is used for processing chamfers.

Cylindrical milling cutter

This type is used for processing narrow planes.

End mill

It is clear that this cutter is used to process the end zones of the workpiece.

Suitable for creating grooves on the surface of workpieces.

It is used to create angular grooves and inclined surfaces.

There are also shaped, ring and worm cutters.

There are various multi-toothed cutting cutters, and the way they are attached to the machine will depend on the type of work-horizontal or vertical. Sometimes milling at an angle is used, before this the mill is set in the desired direction.

Milling Metalworking machines

This is a very popular method today that reflects the computerization of production processes. Mechanical machines are gradually replaced by equipment that is programmed in advance.

Machines offer high precision and impressive speed. This explains why custom milling operations are in high demand, and machine operators always find work in construction and Metalworking companies.

How does metal milling work

  • Configuring the program by the operator
  • Checking of mobile mechanisms
  • Belt tension
  • Pinning a work piece to the desktop
  • Turning on the engine
  • Observation

Then the engines work independently, executing the algorithm of actions set by the operator. After the preform is created:

  • Hardware is being turned off
  • The part is removed

If necessary, the process is repeated, and if necessary, the machine is reconfigured for the next workpiece. Milling is an accurate, fast way to process metal.

Where to order milling operations

If you are interested in metal milling in Nizhny Novgorod, then you have come to the right place. Our company has accumulated vast experience in Metalworking, and undertakes to fulfill even very complex orders.

We have all the necessary equipment and craftsmen who are ready to perform the work on time, with high accuracy and responsibility. If you want to know the exact cost of milling operations and clarify all the nuances that interest you, call us or fill out this form.

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