Abrasive metal surface treatment

Abrasive metal surface treatment is the preparation of metal before further processing or for the purpose of giving a decorative appearance. Dirt and mechanical damage are removed.

The process of processing workpieces is carried out using special wheels, bars, abrasive tools on a flexible basis, free abrasive.

Careful grinding of the surface of a metal product is very important, since it depends on how strong the workpiece will be, what mechanical properties and indicators of the part will be, and its tightness.

In addition, the grinding depends on such indicators as the percentage of future friction with other parts, the service life and, of course, the appearance.

At enterprises that produce parts or parts of parts, always use abrasive metal processing, as this method is used to achieve high accuracy of execution, the parts get the desired appearance and characteristics.

This method is particularly relevant in industries that produce small parts for machine-building industries.

Abrasive surface treatment is carried out in several ways: using a hand tool or using special machines (including those with numerical control).

Manual processing is relevant for small workshops, as for large companies where production is mass-produced, they are more suited to automatic methods.

Abrasive metal surface treatment in NiAS

Over the years, we have accumulated extensive experience in metal surface treatment. Our craftsmen understand the importance of this process and perform their work with high quality.

As for the equipment used: we have a CNC plane grinding machine, a pipe grinding machine, as well as a hand-held grinding tool.

In each case, the option that fits the parameters will be selected.

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