Bandsaw metal cutting

Bandsaw cutting of metal is a very popular type of mechanical cutting of metal products, both profiled and tubular. The cutting element is a steel band saw blade, which has sufficient hardness, that is, greater than the material being processed. This method can be used to cut a round or profile pipe, a square and a circle, a channel and a corner, as well as other types of rolled metal products.

Bandsaw cutting of metal, the price of which is not as high as for other types of processing, is a jewelry process, since parts can be processed with high precision, avoiding chips and cracks, and melting.

How a band saw works

The band saw can be used for cutting hard metal because it is a high-power equipment. The working body of such a machine is a band saw made in the form of a continuously rotating closed belt stretched over pulleys.

Since heat treatment is not used, we can talk about minimal material loss, which cannot be said about other options where the metal is exposed to high temperatures.

Therefore, the services of metal cutting on a band saw machine are very popular with customers.

With the help of such machines, you can cut different types of metal, both thick-walled solid and hollow. The processed products can have a different chemical composition – structural, stainless, heat-resistant metal, non-ferrous, nickel and titanium alloy. The band saw teeth are made from high-strength alloys of steel, tungsten and cobalt, and the blade itself is made from durable tool steel. Therefore, the level of hardness of such a tool is increased to 65-69 HRC, which allows cutting workpieces from almost any metal.

Advantages of band saw cutting metal

  • Minimal metal consumption due to small kerf width  
  • Getting a high quality cut  
  • The ability to adjust the cutting angle by 60 degrees  
  • Versatility – workpieces with different sections are processed  
  • High speed metal cutting  
  • No metal melting in the cutting zone  
  • High accuracy with a range of 0.1 – 1.5 mm  
  • Deviations from the vertical are no more than 0.05 mm
  • Cutting width remains within 1.5 mm

Due to these advantages, cutting metal on a band saw machine, the price of which is not too high, has been one of the most demanded methods for many years, despite the fact that there are other, newer and more modern technologies.

Metal cutting with a band saw in Nizhny Novgorod

You can order the service of band saw cutting of metal in Nizhny Novgorod in our company.

We have all the necessary industrial equipment with which it is possible to reduce metal consumption, has high productivity and makes it possible to change the cutting angle from 0 to 60 degrees.

If you contact us, you will receive a guaranteed high-quality cutting of any metal – heat-resistant steel, titanium, brass, aluminum, copper.

We work on modern high-performance machines, characterized by a small cutting width, and make it possible to process workpieces up to a diameter of 600 millimeters. A smooth cut is guaranteed, and the necessary parameters can be set depending on the required characteristics. We cut metals of any strength!

If you have any questions, fill out the application or call us. We are open for mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.

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