Manufacturing of metal structures

Our company offers production of metal structures in Nizhny Novgorod under the order of high quality and at low prices. We successfully solve the problems of manufacturing various metal structures, both standard and non-standard.

Production of metal structures from ferrous metals

Our company offers customers the production of metal structures made of ferrous metal, widely used in the construction of industrial, residential, warehouse, sports, office premises, markets and gas stations, shopping malls, as well as in the construction of small architectural forms.

Products made of ferrous metals (cast iron of various types, alloy and carbon steel) are used in construction and production facilities. Today, services for the manufacture of metal structures are in high demand.

Welding of ferrous metals

Welding of ferrous metals is the only way to give products the necessary properties, it depends on how strong and reliable the structural elements will be.

It is easiest to weld low-carbon steels containing less than 0.25% carbon. The more carbon, the more sensitive the steel is. Therefore, preheating to a temperature of approximately +200°C is used.

Welding of alloy steel depends on the chemical composition of the metal, for example, when adding chromium, Nickel and manganese, there may be a possibility of cracking.

Cast iron contains more than 2.14% carbon, so its welding is quite difficult. Cast iron is usually used in repair and restoration processes, and when correcting deficiencies in cast iron casting.

Non-ferrous metal structures

Our specialists are able to work with all non-ferrous metals: aluminum, copper, bronze, titanium.

We provide a variety of services for welding in the argon environment, are engaged in the manufacture of products and structures made of non-ferrous metals and alloys at affordable prices.

With the help of argon-arc welding, we can solve the problems of our customers at the best level.

Welding of non-ferrous metals

Welding of such metals is significantly different from welding of steel or cast iron. When melting non-ferrous metal alloys can absorb harmful impurities from the air, resulting in defects-pores. To prevent this from happening, the welding area must be securely protected.

Carbon dioxide used for welding ferrous metals is not suitable here. For example, aluminum in contact with oxygen will give an oxide film. Therefore, inert gases such as argon or its substitute are used.

Here you can order the manufacture and installation of non-ferrous metal structures. We use argon-arc welding (AAW) as the most suitable type of welding.
What are the features of AAW? The main difference from the usual electrode method is that the work is carried out using a protective cloud, which is formed using argon. The temperature in the arc column (up to 2000°C) makes it possible to use tungsten non-melting wire as the main consumable material.

In the manufacture of metal structures, we use modern and high-tech equipment. In our company you can find the manufacture of metal structures at the best prices and with excellent quality.

Product advantages:

  • You can build all year round;
  • Structures are mobile, they can be disassembled, assembled, transported;
  • Low cost.

We offer a variety of services, including the manufacture of metal structures from pipes.

How to select a company

When choosing a company, we do not recommend focusing only on the cost per ton, since the pricing system in the Metalworking market is approximately the same. Pay attention to the professionalism of managers, the list of regular customers, the equipment that is used and the experience of specialists. We offer you professorial production of metal structures, the price per ton is always kept at a low level.

Order metal structures

Production of metal structures to order is a complex and time-consuming process that requires the skill and experience of the workforce (designers, engineers, technologists, workers), as well as high-quality industrial equipment and the necessary space for production.

If you are interested in manufacturing metal structures in Nizhny Novgorod, please contact our company. We have been working in the construction market for a long time and are well versed in our business.

Our customers receive only high-quality products, and high-quality metal structures can fully pay for themselves due to a long service life without breakdowns.

We are well versed in metal welding. All manipulations are performed efficiently, which allows you to get reliable and strong connections, and, consequently, safe products. If you are interested in manufacturing metal structures in the Nizhny Novgorod region, please contact our managers. We will quickly resolve all issues and offer a convenient work plan.

Why should you contact us

We have masters with extensive experience in welding operations of any complexity, we use modern equipment. These conditions, combined with competent management, allow us to offer customers the manufacture of metal structures, the price of which is one of the lowest in the region.

Our customers appreciate the high level of service we offer. For them – simple and friendly interaction at all stages, strict compliance with the terms of the contract and other agreements.

General principles of price calculation in the manufacture of metal structures

The proposed prices for the manufacture of metal structures will depend on how complex the structure is, what thickness it has, what metal it is made of, how many seams there will be.

The price per ton includes many indicators: preparatory work, cutting, completing semi-finished products, drilling, welding, Stripping, finishing parts, applying anti-corrosion composition. In our work, we carefully control production costs, reducing labor intensity.

This allows us to keep the cost of manufacturing metal structures at a low level, while offering high-quality products. If you are interested in manufacturing metal structures from non-ferrous or ferrous metals in Nizhny Novgorod, then call us or write to us. We have considerable experience in Metalworking, and are ready to fulfill an order of any complexity.


Our company has the necessary equipment and experienced specialists ready for accurate and precise work. If you are interested in a full price list for the manufacture of metal structures, please contact our managers by phone or fill out this form and we will contact you!

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