Our company specializes in metalworking and offers such a demanded service as metal bending in Nizhny Novgorod.


Using this procedure, you can give a metal workpiece the desired shape without changing the internal structure of the material. The principle of operation is plastic deformation, in which, on one side, the fibers are stretched, and on the other, they are compressed. This method provides the desired geometric shape without loss of strength and performance of the metal.

Benefits of bending metal

Bending has undeniable advantages over other methods of metal processing, for example, such as welding, riveting, cutting. Therefore, metal bending services are in great demand today, because this is the observance of the following important conditions:

  • The technical characteristics of the product, its integrity and mechanical strength are preserved  
  • No seams from welding or other manipulations  
  • Beautiful appearance of finished products  
  • Saving materials, no waste  
  • Minimizing corrosion  
  • The ability to operate products in difficult conditions: low temperatures, high humidity

Our clients are offered sheet metal bending, as well as bending of square and round pipes, bending of aluminum profiles, carried out with high precision on professional equipment.

We have accumulated a lot of experience, therefore we take on even the most complex orders.

At the same time, bending can be carried out at any angle, compliance with such indicators as radius and angle is guaranteed, and processing is carried out with excellent quality

Varieties of metal bending

Cold: bending under high pressure


Hot: metal is exposed to high temperature.


Induction: combined pressure and heating.


Rolling: cold bending by rolling between rollers.


Not only metal sheets are processed, but also pipes – bending the metal of the pipe makes it possible to build a pipeline of the desired shape without violating the integrity of the parts and retaining its appearance. Today, bending is the main method of technological pipe processing and this service is very popular.

Our offers and prices for bending

Various types of metal cutting and bending at reasonable prices are offered to customers.

Turning to us, you get a finished product that fully complies with GOST, reliable, with high strength.

Every order is subject to rigorous quality control. We employ specialists with extensive practical experience, regularly undergoing advanced training.


The price is formed depending on the volume of the order, the requested execution time and other nuances.

Scope of work

The larger the batch and the amount of work, the lower the price, since the manufacture of piece goods requires reconfiguring the equipment. A large number of similar products increases the speed of work.

Individual orders

We work with standard dimensions, and it is also possible to bend metal to order according to the customer’s drawings. We use proven templates to obtain the highest accuracy, but will design them for you as required according to your order requirements.

Complexity of work

Products with a complex configuration offer a higher cost than an element with a simple profile.

Material thickness

The choice of equipment depends on this parameter. The thicker the canvas, the more powerful the equipment and the higher its wear.

To clarify the details, contact our managers – they will advise on all issues. You can make sure that the price of metal bending in our company is one of the lowest in Nizhny Novgorod.

We hope for mutually beneficial and pleasant cooperation. Our experts will make your order with high quality, on time, using modern precision equipment. You will receive products that fully comply with the terms of reference.

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