Powder coating

Powder coating is one of the modern technologies for obtaining polymer coatings with high protective and decorative properties. Powder coating technology is successfully used for painting objects made of various types of materials that are used outside and inside the premises: metal (car parts, various metal structures, pipes, household appliances, and so on), non-metal products that can withstand heating up to 200 degrees Celsius (MDF, glass, ceramics, artificial stone).

Benefits of powder coating

Powder coating technology has a number of advantages over the “classic” painting method due to its cost-effectiveness and high-quality end result. It is worth talking about the benefits in more detail:

  • The powder coating has high strength combined with excellent decorative properties, capable of withstanding both low and high temperatures (-60 to +200 degrees Celsius).  
  • Large selection of colors (over 1000 pigments).  
  • Various textures, original and stylish, which attracts when creating beautiful decor elements.  
  • Economical: one coat for a long time.  
  • Environmental safety: low toxicity, no odor and no harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere.  
  • Powder coating of metal is a high-quality protection of products against corrosion. Powder-based coating can last more than 10 years.  
  • Powder-based coating has high electrical insulation, which leads to its use in industrial and household electrical equipment.  
  • The beautiful appearance of the products, which explains the application of the method in many areas, from the processing of medical equipment to the creation of stylish decorative elements.  
  • A significant extension of the service life of the hardware due to the high-strength polymer film that can protect against harmful environmental influences.

Our company provides powder coating services in Nizhny Novgorod at low prices and with good quality.

Why do customers choose powder coating at NiAS

The number of clients who turn to us is growing every year. A large number of regular customers is due to the following conditions:

  • Our specialists have extensive experience and take their work very responsibly.  
  • For painting, we use high quality paints from trusted manufacturers.  
  • Powder painting is impossible without special equipment. We have a powder coating workshop, which allows us to work with even the largest structures. Specialists use the necessary personal protective equipment, and the painting process takes place in compliance with all fire and environmental safety rules.  
  • All work is carried out with strict adherence to standards. We undertake painting of various products, these are both the smallest screws and large parts of industrial equipment.  
  • We paint products with surfaces of any complexity.  
  • Our equipment allows you to comply with all technological stages when applying powder coating: surface preparation, powder application, polymerization.  
  • Affordable prices.

Cooperation with us

NiAS provides a high-quality powder coating service in Nizhny Novgorod on a variety of surfaces.

Customers are attracted by a personal approach and flexible pricing policy. During our work, we have received the status of a reliable and responsible company, which is confirmed by a large number of regular customers.

Competent construction of the production process, highly qualified craftsmen and our own equipment allow us to keep prices at a low level.

If you are interested in powder coating, the price of which will be one of the lowest in the region, call or write to us. Our managers will be happy to provide you with the necessary advice and help with the conclusion of the contract.

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