In our company you can order any welding work in Nizhny Novgorod. Depending on the work performed, we offer various types of welding.

Today, welding is used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries. It is especially widely used in the manufacture of metal structures and the construction of pipelines. As a metal processing technology, welding is used to join parts into a single structure. Due to the well-performed manipulation, a reliable and durable connection is obtained, which is able to ensure the safety of the product.

If you need to perform welding work, even the most complex or unusual, please contact our managers. All issues will be resolved quickly and clearly, the work scheme is simple and convenient.

Welding advantages to look out for

  • Reducing the weight of metal structures and increasing their rigidity.  
  • The ability to save metal. In welding, the savings are up to 25% when compared with riveting, and in casting, the figure will be even greater – up to 50%. You can reduce the cost of manufacturing products.  
  • Welded products can have complex shapes.  
  • Minimization of terms of work execution.  
  • The ability to weld various metals: stainless steel to carbon steel, steel to copper, and so on.  
  • Welding and welding works are widely used in the repair of worn out or broken equipment, old structures.  
  • Complete tightness of connections.  
  • No need to use expensive machines and machines.

Separately, it should be said about this type of work as automatic welding.

Special equipment is used for automatic welding. The main element that ignites the arc and feeds the electrode wire is the arc welding head.

Automatic welding ensures high productivity and impressive working speed.

Welding works in NiAS. Why should you contact us

We employ specialists with extensive experience in welding works of any complexity. Welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is carried out.

We carry out welding works and services by highly qualified craftsmen and modern equipment. These conditions, together with a competent organization of production, make it possible to efficiently use production facilities and fulfill even the most complex and large orders on time.

Our customers come back to us because they value the high level of service:

  • mutual understanding with the client;  
  • simple and pleasant interaction at all stages of cooperation;  
  • a wide range of other services (metal cutting, bending, etc.);
  • impeccable compliance with obligations.

You can independently evaluate the necessary welding work, the price list is clear and has a division by type of service.

Welding cost

All metal structures have different complexity, each case has its own type of welding and types of welded joints. The type of metal, the number of parts of the metal structure and the required connections also affect.

The lead time depends on the volume of work. The cost of each order will be calculated individually.

The cost of welding directly depends on the complexity of the welded metal structure, the thickness and quality of the material being processed, the number of seams, and the desired timing.

The company is interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation, therefore an individual approach is applied to each customer. If you are interested in high-quality welding works in Nizhny Novgorod, the price of which is not too high, you have come to the right address.

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