Cold stamping

Cold stamping of metal is a method that achieves plastic deformation of the material, aimed at changing the size and shape.

The main types of stamping are sheet and bulk.
Sheet stamping is a method of manufacturing products from a source material that has one dimension, very small in comparison with 2 others. As an example, a sheet up to 6 mm thick. Perforated metal is one of the options for such stamping, the result is achieved by punching the material and obtaining a so-called punched sheet. In other cases, we are talking about volumetric stamping.

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When the machine is running, the upper part of the die moves, while its lower part is stationary. Processing of workpieces can be hot and cold, in this case they differ in operating temperature. Cold stamping of sheet metal is a method of processing the workpiece by pressure without heating.

Application of sheet metal stamping

Production of flat and three-dimensional parts of various weights from a very small weight and size to large copies weighing several tens of kilograms.

The resulting parts have the following feature: the thickness of their walls practically does not differ from the thickness of the workpiece itself. The materials from which the workpiece is made are subject to increased requirements regarding plasticity, since the bulk parts receive significant deformations of a plastic nature.

Today, such Metalworking as sheet stamping is used in many industries: in automobile construction, in tractor construction, in aircraft and rocket construction, in instrument making, in the electrical industry.

Materials used for stamping

Low-carbon steel, brass and copper, plastic alloy steel, aluminum and its alloys, titanium, magnesium alloys. It is also possible to use non-metallic materials-felt, plexiglass, getinax, leather, celluloid, and textolite.

Advantages of the cold forming method

This method is very attractive due to its advantages, because cold stamping is a service that is ordered very often.

  • You can get parts that have a very small weight with the necessary strength and rigidity.
  • The size has high accuracy and the surface is of good quality, so finishing operations are kept to a minimum.
  • The stamping process is relatively simple in terms of mechanization and automation. This allows you to ensure high productivity.
  • Versatility, since sheet metal stamping is used in both wide and small-scale production.

Working operations for such stamping are a whole group of dividing or changing forms of actions.

The main procedures include:

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  • Cutting, that is, dividing the material along a certain line. Various types of scissors or a guillotine are used. Cutting is performed at any stage of production, both at the initial and final stages.
  • Punched hole. The process of getting a hole that can have any shape.
  • Clearing. Method of cutting the preparation in a closed loop. Feature-the part that is separated becomes a part, not a waste, as it happens when punching.
  • Flanging. In this case, create a border along the contour, external or internal. Range hood. A flat product is transformed into a three-dimensional round part, and the thickness of the walls can change.
  • Crimping. This is the process of reducing the size of the end part of the workpiece by compression in a conical matrix.
  • Cold stamping is flexible. Flat parts acquire a curved configuration. The most common bends are V – and U-shaped.
  • Forming. The local shape of the part changes, and the size of the outer contour is preserved.

Where to order cold stamping of metal

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