Guillotine metal cutting

Metal cutting is an operation that allows you to separate any part from the metal billet. With the help of cutting, the workpiece can be cleared of excess layers, divided into parts, and grooves are created. In this case, steel, cast iron, and parts based on light alloys can be processed.

Today, sheet metal cutting is used in the production of products for various purposes – from fasteners to mailboxes.

How metal cutting works

A guillotine is used for chopping and cutting metal. This is the name of a beveled knife that can only move in one plane. The guillotine is usually installed on special machines, which are controlled mechanically or using a computer.

However, this is not a new technology. Even in ancient times, people used the guillotine to chop metal. however, at that time, the machines were simple, unlike those offered today. The method of guillotine cutting is very popular, because it makes it possible to obtain high-quality results with very simple operation.

In fact, everything is simple: to carry out cutting and cutting of metal, a metal sheet is placed on a special table, fixed, and then the guillotine is launched. A sharp blade affects the surface of the metal and the result is achieved.

The method is economical, but this applies to cases where the machine is selected high-quality. Then the steel scrap does not exceed 5%.

If all the processing rules are followed, the cut has a smooth edge and does not require additional manipulations.

Therefore, metal cutting services are extremely popular.

If the cutting or cutting is done poorly, then sharp edges may form on the metal, which are called grat. Its causes may be poorly sharpened knives, incorrect positioning of the knife on the machine, lax adherence to the production process, and other reasons. If the grate is formed, you will have to clean the edges to get a smooth edge – you will need special equipment, namely grinders.

Advantages of cutting metal with a guillotine

  • The ability to get a product of excellent quality. With good sharpening, guillotine knives cut the object strictly at an angle of 90 degrees. Guillotine cutting and metal cutting allows you to increase the accuracy and quality of the cut, reduce energy consumption, and do without additional processing.
  • Waste minimization. If all the rules are strictly followed, then no more than 5% of the metal will go to waste.
  • Power saving. Machines with a guillotine are quite economical, because they have low energy consumption. At the same time, we can note the high speed of metal processing. Therefore, metal cutting, the price of which is not too high, attracts prudent owners.
  • Getting strong products. When cutting or cutting metal, it does not deform, therefore, it can be stored, transported or used in further operations.

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