Abrasive metal cutting

Metal cutting using cut-off wheels is called abrasive metal cutting. The cutting tool is an abrasive disc with particles of superhard corundum (silicon carbide) or electrocorundum, and a vulcanite bond acts as a binder, sometimes a diamond disc with bakelite resin is used as a bond.

Today, abrasive metal cutting is considered not only very reliable, but also one of the most economical methods of metal processing. It is used to obtain high-quality workpieces of the required length while maintaining the original properties of the material. The finished product obtained by abrasive cutting is widely used in industries such as metallurgy and construction. During repair work, in the field of housing and communal services and in agriculture, it is also impossible to do without pipes, fittings, steel rods, channels obtained using this method.

Equipment for abrasive cutting of metal

Machine abrasive cutting of sheet and section metal

In this case, universal type machines with high cutting accuracy are used. The error does not exceed 2 mm.

During the operation of abrasive cutting machines, the metal is transversely cut using an abrasive wheel, which cuts the transversely located metal workpiece. The workpiece is held in a combined vice.

The abrasive wheel has a high rotational speed around the circumference, which, in combination with intensive work, guarantees high efficiency of metal cutting and low wear of the machine itself.


The versatility of such a machine: long workpieces can be processed by one person.

Manual abrasive cutting of metal

A grinder tool is used (as the people call it an angle grinder) with replaceable abrasive discs. Different discs are used depending on the material being processed. For example, when cutting a thick iron pipe, a larger diameter nozzle is required.

Advantages of Abrasive Cutting Workpieces

Parts of a specific length can be obtained at low manufacturing costs. In addition, finished products have advantages that should be discussed:

  • Parts are of high quality processing, while the roughness is negligible.
  • Due to the retention of the temperature within 900 C when exposed to the metal, deformation is completely absent.
  • Finished products have smooth edges, which makes it possible to save on additional processing.

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