Our company carries out various turning works in Nizhny Novgorod. We have modern equipment that provides high accuracy, speed and the ability to manufacture even the most complex parts.

Turning is
the oldest method used for machining metal products. According to statistics,
at least 60% of the hardware produced passes through a lathe.

Our specialists perform metal turning work using modern lathes, which allows metal processing with perfect precision and ensures high productivity.

Turning work to order

We do custom-made turning works according to customer’s drawings and sketches. You can order various types of metal work:

  • We will sharpen the ledges, ends.  
  • We will grind grooves, blanks of the required sizes and shapes.  
  • We will carry out drilling, reaming, countersinking.  
  • We will process conical, cylindrical surfaces outside and inside.  
  • We will cut any kind of thread.  
  • We will process surfaces of non-standard shapes.

Turning types

Also at your service is turning and milling work, that is, giving a metal workpiece the required shape using a cutter. Milling is in great demand as it is an efficient way to process metal. Specialized machines ensure precision and processing speed.

Types of services: surface cleaning, shaping, grooves, grooves, grooves, division into parts.

We quickly carry out any screw lathe work. Experts thoroughly know the components and permissible technological operations carried out on screw-cutting lathes: turning parts, creating a body of revolution, chamfering, threading, boring shaped and cylindrical planes, drilling and boring holes of the required diameters, and so on.

Turning automation

By offering turning work, we guarantee the use of high technologies, maximum precision and efficiency. This type of work allows you to perform the most complex tasks, and due to the automated technique, errors and inaccuracies are reduced to zero.

The operator sets the required program and further processing of the workpiece takes place without his participation, until the required parameters are achieved, originally included in the computer program.

How are we working

  • Highly qualified craftsmen allow you to perform the most complex tasks. Metal elements of any geometric shape can be created.  
  • We work with various materials: cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals.  
  • We guarantee high quality and precise processing. Equipment makes it possible to perform turning work quickly and without errors. The human factor is minimized.

Advantages of ordering turning works in NiAS

Strict adherence to deadlines

When performing turning work on metal to order, we sign an agreement with the customer, or we agree on the deadline for the execution of the order, which we observe regardless of the difficulties and other situations.

Strict quality control

Our company has organized strict quality control, which ensures that products are manufactured in accordance with the current laws.

Affordable prices

Highly qualified craftsmen and modern equipment make it possible to set affordable prices for services and works.


If you are interested in the demanded service of turning work, call us or write. We will respond promptly, discuss your order and give you all the details.

The basic principles of our company: personal approach to each customer, high quality of the services offered, flexible terms of cooperation. We find the best solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

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